Comment or No comment?

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on my photographs, I was trying to work out how is the best way to reply.

On the comments in my bubble? or in a comment box for the person who has left a comment on one of their pieces of work. Both seem to work except if I comment in my own bubble the person won’t know I have replied, if anybody does leave a comment I will certainly look at their bubble and leave comments when I can. Does this make sense? It would be nice to have a box on the front page for comments of a general nature to be put or maybe that would make this just like myspace or any of the other social networking sites and I do not think that is what redbubble should be about.

So I am not really sure of the correct way to respond to comments but since there is a will, I will find a way.

I have always used natural effects in my photography that is apart from the occasional use of a filter, I have never altered an image with my computer apart from cropping a little here and there. I have decided to invest in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and also a memory upgrade for my computer to prevent it performing like a sloth with a severe case of lethargy when I edit my masterpieces.

Watch this space..

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