I am impressed, the level and quality of the work displayed by everybody here is fantastic. So much so it makes my work seem out of place, I guess many other people have the same reservations.

I have noticed that other people are more prolific than me, their portfolios are overflowing with fantastic photographs and creative artwork but then I am reminded that it is quality and not quantity that counts, although if you can manage quality and quantity nothing could be better..

I am however encouraged by the positive feedback people have made on my work and I will put my doubts about my artistic ability down to the eccentricity of my creative mind, after all many famous artists have been a little unstable.

I do not know what people expect, I don’t really care, it is my expectations which need to be realised, if I produce one landscape shot which I am happy with or one piece of artwork which pleases me then I will suppress my doubts and believe my work is in its rightful place among such an amazing array of talent.

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