Missed Chances

I joined RB last week and took my camera on a day trip to the waterfall walk at Ingleton in Yorkshire, I was shooting all day and was particularly happy with ‘Waterfall’ and ‘White water’. The following morning I was up early and picked my camera up to take on my morning walk, the batteries were flat, I checked my spares, these were flat as well. For once I thought it doesn’t matter, I have walked this particular route many times and will again in the future, I left the camera at home.

I crossed the fallen tree pictured in ‘Autumnal Bridge’ and came face to face with a young Red Deer, we were both slightly startled as our eyes met, we were so close I could see the early morning dew on the hairs of its nose and where was my camera? Nestling exhausted in its case at home.

It is a rare sight to see a wild deer in Rivington, I can count on one hand the number of fleeting glimpses so this was a unique experience. To be this close and not be able to capture the moment was disappointing, but I am now determined to return and take my camera with me next time.

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