Paul Gibbons

Joined August 2007

Paul is a landscape photographer and Digital Artist based in Lancashire England specialising in Landscape and nature images.


How Do You Bubble?

I know that people use Redbubble in different ways, people have different aspirations and expectations of how their art is viewed and judged by others, for example some people are experts and just want to sell their work, some are artists looking for inspiration and maybe tips on how to improve, others are just happy to share their photos of friends and family and maybe places they visit.…

I would love to know what people expect of others, do you want people to reply to your every comment with a polite thank you? would you rather they just take a look at your work and return the compliment and make a comment or favourite if they feel some work is worthy of that or are you happy with no response at all?

I am a keen amateur trying to improve, if I sell something then that is a massive bonus

200 Favouritings!

I have to make a journal entry to honour a landmark for one of my images…. Into the Shadows has been favourited 200 times! Many Many thanks to everybody who looked and enjoyed my work enough to add this to their favourites.
  • 3 sales
  • 200 favoritings

To show how this reflects in the whole of Redbubble artwork, this image is now number 118 in popular art of ALL TIME! It has also been sold three times on RB and once on Zazzle.…

The next image of mine which is anywhere near as popular is Blue Rain has 125 favouritings and is in the top 500 of ALL TIME of course I did get soaked to the skin taking this photo, but it was worth it.

I have also been invited to give a presentation of my work at a local photographic society so I am frantically preparing for that and learning my line

Why comment and favourite?

For me comments and favourites is the bread and butter of how Redbubble works, I will try to explain.…

If you do a search for a work of art, for instance ‘sunset’ the results you are given are sorted by the most popular first. How do Redbubble decide what the most popular images are? It seems that the number of favouritings, comments and views are what is used and the weighting seems to be that a Favourite is worth more than a comment and a view, which would make sense.

If you check the Most popular artworks, you can find them by clicking ART – POPULAR and selecting RANGE for example ALL TIME this will show you the best images on Redbubble EVER, my work Into the Shadows is in the top 250 of all time in this list (just thought I would mention that) or click here ALL TIME LIST

As you may be

Making the most of Redbubble

Being a member of this fabulous community it does take a while to get the most out of being part of it and I am by no means an expert (especially when it comes to the selling department) but I have learned a few things along the way and I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences. Of course other people may have better ideas and I would appreciate it if you have an idea to add below this as a comment.…

1 Follow the guidelines and be nice ok constructive niceness is also good but think about sending a bubblemail as its bad enough that you didnt notice the naked painter on the ladder behind the gorgeous harbour view you just photographed without somebody telling the whole world.

2. If somebody takes the time to leave a comment or favourite a piece of your work at least pay the other

Home Page

Many thanks to everybody who has congratulated me on the home page feature for my work Under the Canopy especially fiery fire who kindly posted an image of the home page in the comments for anybody who missed it.…

I have also had a top 5 in the Light and Reflection challenge for Autumn Rays which is now featured in the group.

On a personal note things have been a little crazy and I have not had much time to take new photos or comment on peoples work. I guess we all have times when we need to recharge batterys and try to get more inspiration and motivation in our lives.

I hope to spend a little more time around peoples pages and add more work when I get some good ones.

Many thanks for your support and lovely comments and favoutitings and I will visit your pages and look at your latest and I

Fenway Park Sold!

Yes its true…….

Relax Red Sox fans there has not been a hostile takeover by a Saudi Sheik or a Chinese investor of your beloved baseball team.

I have sold a card of Fenway Park my very first sale of 2010 pronounced twenty ten, I think.

Many thanks to the groups which have recently featured my art, Carew Castle and Arches had features in European Everyday Life and Historic Places

Not much happening on the photography front, I have been very busy at work and not had a lot of time for RB or creating any new stuff, I do get a few days off in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will get to Cornwall and take some more photos while I am there.

Take care everybody


Winter Sale.........

In response to Redbubbles generous double your earnings promotion I am reducing my mark up by 20% until further notice.

I will amend my top selling items by reducing the mark up from 50% to 30%, if you want to buy something plese bubblemail me and make sure that the discount has been performed.

Please take advantage of this offer as soon as possible, it may not last long.

Happy Shopping


Wedding Part Deux

The big day arrived and we were hoping for a nice breakfast and a gentle run-up to 3 o’clock, very shortly reality would kick-in and we would be running around like headless chickens.…

We needed to deliver the wedding dress to Michelle’s apartment as it had been waiting nervously in the wardrobe in our hotel room, well away from the inquisitive eyes of the groom. We walked along Baker Street and onto Marylebone road, the sun was just breaking through the clouds and the forecast was for a nice day, the main thing out of our control had been arranged by a higher power!

Stepping over a heap of bridesmaids and their belongings we carefully placed the dress somewhere safe and welcomed the girls into consciousness on this bright and happy wedding day, we were glad to see that the bride to be had

Wedding Part 1

The weather was fantastic, the organist played as we waited to enter the church, with my daughter by my side I was a very proud father of the bride. The plans we had been frantically making for the last 8 weeks were beginning to come to fruition, and nothing could spoil this day.…

We arrived in London on Thursday lunchtime to begin two days of partying interspersed with panic buying and arrangement making. Eileen and Michelle our bride to be went to Oxford Street to buy some last minute lingerie and other girly stuff, while me and Nicola, my youngest daughter and chief bridesmaid set off for a little sightseeing.

We visited St Paul’s cathedral and walked along the river Thames for a short while before chugging slowly around the circle line to meet up with Eileen later in the day. It was in

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