The other sites of interest.

Being in the eMagazine publishing sector, what with (down for maintenance at the moment), I’d like to share with my fellow bubblers some really interesting sites. — Take a look.
“Flak Photo is a photography blogzine featuring distinctive work from an international community of contributors that promotes interesting visual approaches to seeing the world and celebrates the art of exhibiting quality photography online. The blog is produced by Andy Adams and features work from new photo essays, book projects and gallery exhibitions from established and emerging photographers. Flak Photo is updated frequently, attentively edited and open to submissions from the general public.”

“What FILE Is

The purpose of FILE is to collect and display photographs that treat subjects in unexpected ways. Alternate takes, odd angles, unconventional observations – these are some of the ways photographs collected in FILE reinterpret traditional genres. We leave the Kodak Moments to the family album, the glossy fashion spreads to Vogue, and the photo finishes to ESPN. Rather than taking the well-trod paths, we veer off to get a different perspective. Confused? Browse The Collection. The photos say it better than we can.

What FILE Is Not

FILE magazine is not a photoblog, photo challenge/contest, or group photo album. FILE does not publish tips on taking photographs or provide evaluations of photo hardware or software. There are are many other sites that handle these topics better than FILE ever could. "
This is a super site to peruse.
And my favorite :
You can d/load the emagazine and check it out. Click the cover to enter the site, see the current issue and download it.

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