Backups are great when they work - Learn my lesson.

Had a rather ordinary start to last week …. my computer was telling me I needed to back up but didn’t have enough space. So figuring my photos were probably the biggest thing on there, I copied them (twice – to a usb drive AND a disc). Alas, being the computer gumby I am, I apparently copied a short cut, not the actual photos. So, for those of you as inept as me, when I deleted the photos and emptied the trash can “Adios ALL OF MY PHOTOS”. I was a wreck for 36hrs by which time I was starting to resign myself to not having them.

I friend had a disc recovery program and I got some of them back, and there are some in other places I can retrieve them from. But probably not even half. Lucky I’m not as avid a photographer as some or it could’ve been MUCH worse and a WHOLE LOT MORE photos. = )

There are always stories of people not backing up their work on the computer (or even saving it) and then losing it – and we always think “I’m careful, it’ll never happen to me”. Please let my loss be a reminder to you to have at least two storage spaces for your work – at least then you can make silly mistakes and it won’t matter a rub.

And I had a couple (?) of good ones waiting for me to upload to RB = (

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