Christmas Time

Christmas TimeChristmas Time is for sharinggood times with your Familyand loved ones.Christmas Time should alsobe a time that we open ourhearts to the less fortunateones that would not be ableto celebrate christmas without the help of caring peopleChristmas Time is about thegiving to others and not aboutreceiving.Christmas is a special timeTo reflect on Jesus ChristThe wonder of His birthBrings meaning to our livesWe lose sight on the truemeaning of Christmaswe instead focus on findingthe perfect gifts.We need to stop and reflectawhile Remembering ourPrecious Lord and His Birth,His Life and sacrificeAnd all that he stands for.For though the world mayCelebrate they seem to forother reasonsKeep in mind that Jesus Christis the true meaning of the season.Christmas should always first beabout our Lord Jesus Christ.Written By Debra Woodard(spiritjunebug43)Copyright @ 2007 All Rights Reserved.

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