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The spirit in me welcomes the spirit in you, and I thank you for viewing my art. I have been blessed with a disease that has allowed me...


I am so very honored, for a writer I am not. It is a very weak area of my expertise and yet, I have been featured in the"FREEDOM TO SHINE" group for my piece "OUT OF TOUCH OUT OF REALITY ". To say I am thankful or grateful doesn’t seem enough. You have given me the freedom to write and confidence, too. My day feels a bit brighter because of this.

So thank you very much for all groups that choose my work for features, as I am always so very honored.

Thank you to all of the people I have met here, as well, that leave such beautiful comments on my work. you encourage and inspire me and I feel a deep connection to all of you.

You have all let your love light shine on me!

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