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My HDR Workflow Published In HDRone.com Online Magazine

Hey fellow bubblers!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Jimmy McIntyre, a fellow HDR enthusiast and editor of HDRone.com Magazine to share my method for the followers of the site. There you will see lots of other workflows from experienced photographers around the globe that will help you improve your HDR (…mine is very simple compared to theirs). So I suggest you pay the site a visit and enjoy the articles, galleries and discussions.

You may remember a couple of years back in 2010 I wrote down my old pseudo HDR workflow:

Roof! Here It Is!: My Single Jpeg File HDR Processing Revealed

Nowadays I have moved on from that and have been doing more traditional bracketted HDR images. This I believe has improved the quality of my images although on rare occasions, I still go back to the ‘pseudo HDR workflow’ especially on some of the portraits that I do.

So here it is (again)….hope I am able to share something new to all of you:

Big Ben Bus Stop HDR Workflow by Yhun Suarez

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