its a poem or something in the making

It is a time when monsters loom and shift in the real plains, they no longer hide in the closets of our minds they are as free as waking nightmares. The cancer weaves and oozes through the veils till not is it through your body and mind but pustulates out into the living world as well.

All the time we are holding you as we walked. Keeping your mind and self safe. I stood tall and I stood straight in agonizing white knight armor. I beat at dragons with my heart, used my hope and spirit to shield your preciousness. I gave and I gave you took and you took. A parasitic relationship that is the one of best friends, for in time the wheel would have turned and it would have been me taking and taking.

Freely sacrificed our timeless presence and loving heart on the alter of best friendships and non genetic family. Walking through shards of glass and upon tempers of slicing steel they call your tongue

I used to hold the heavy cutting flame of hope while your arms were busy digging a pit to wallow in. Many gathered many to celebrate you and the things you have, in return you gathered the ones to take you home spirit. I stood and honored each one of your decisions allowing you the respect to control the last of your body that you can including when it will rise above the physical plane.

I tried to keep moving forward keeping you safe in my arms bleeding out 30 hours from a 24 hour day. My brain quartering itself so that life was uninterrupted for all but the sprit in my body I walked the dark Plains for a while as I pulled me back to me.

I offer you the only gifts I have my love, my time, my hope, my heart. They have no price just as you have none. They were given freely and willingly. It was the most priceless useless valuable gift I had. Worthless was what time, hope and courage became and I became obsolete.

It’s hard to have to settle back and watch now, my arms bound and my mouth sealed as I have no claim on blood and shared features. my feet bound by law and properness, my arms bound by cruelness and my ears stuffed with razor words. My back it appears to face you, turned in denial and adornment when in truth it is bared dto you so that your whip has another place it may land rather than on gentle souls.

My heart dying on the floor as it watches the picture expand to the one the Gods have blessed me to see and to know.

As others celebrate hope and false battles won they are souls denied their personal power trust and grief as your terror and denial lie and twist their truths. My eyes open in a soundless scream as the pounding monster sidles deathly quiet forward.While my cold and callous nature it appears comes out and my time is spent no longer begin a slave to properness and your sharp and twisted tongue

Instead I write and remember you to share with them on the day I know is coming. I write of the love and the joy you brought to me, I write of the sun you brought out so that I could flourish and reach for the unobtainable. I will write of the laughter and the pleasure you brought, I will write of the solid secure foundation your honesty and integrity brought so that I did do the unimaginable and become the strong me that is today

I will write about how you allowed me to raise my own flame of hope and how your honestly directness and leadership helped me to embrace me and to live.

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