The New Adventures of James Burton by R. James Buehner

The room enclosed and he could not see. He was not dead, that much he knew and that was enough to keep him guessing about what had happened to him. Where was he and what was he doing there. He reached up to feel his face. Everything seemed normal enough, but there was something over his eyes. Ah, Yes, he realized now that it must be a blind fold. He was apparently in some secret location that no one was ever to know about. How had this happened to him. One of the foremost authorities on the study of weapons technology in America. “They” must have brought him here. Whoever, “they? was, for he knew of no enemies to himself at present. What “They? wanted he did not know yet. He was sure it would be some filthy bargain he could not refuse. It is always that way it seemed. What time was it , he wondered. He could only imagine what must be going through the mind of the criminal. They acted more like animals then humans most of the time and treat their “guests? as slaves. What would “they? make him do.

James Burton paced the room, slowly going back and forth along the north wall of his study. He was deep in thought, trying to figure the next move of his arch enemy. He was of medium build, but tall, very tall in fact and quite handsome. He wore a suit always and tonight was no exception. He was scratching his curly red hair and his big, soulful blue eyes caught sight of the piano. He sat down and just as he started to reach for the keys, he snapped his fingers, arose to his feet and paced once more. His stride was wide and his big feet made deep impressions in the newly shampooed carpet. As he walked he held his hands behind his back, keeping them locked, as if they were magically held together by some all knowing, wise, and all encompassing power. This helped him think clearer.
It had been three hours since Vivian Gayle had left James Burton’s rooms at 7112 Rockside Rd. Burton had known for the very beginning that the professor was in serious danger. His secrets were of the utmost importance to the American government. These were times of war and enemies everywhere abounded. James Burton knew what he must do now. He had to get the professor back and fast or all the war efforts by the United States and their allies would be lost forever. How though, how could he accomplish this and would he be too late. There were too many ifs and hows and chances. He had no choice in the delicate matter though.
Suddenly, the door to the living room, where James sat now, burst wide open. James at first thought his enemies had found him at last. He had put many war criminals and drug lords behind bars. Then, as if the world were whole again, his face lit up. He ran to the door, arms stretched out and said “Mike, when did you get back in town??
Mike answered “I wanted to surprise you for once, Jim.?
James firmly shook Mike’s hand and retorted “You certainly did, I am so glad to see you.?
Mike shot back quickly “Same here, old boy!?
James responded “Well, sit down, old man, sit down, much has happened since you went back to England this summer.?
Mike laughed and bellowed “I hope you have not gotten into too much trouble, James.?
James resounded proudly “Oh, no, nothing so simple as that, my dear sir.?
James poured Mike a cup of tea and handed it to him.
James went on “You have of course heard of Professor van Mauhausen in the field of Weapons Management, no doubt.?
Mike searched “Van Mauhausen, van Mauhausen, ummm….oh, yes..saw him give a talk on the subject at Oxford or was it Harvard, I can’t remember, anyway it was about a year ago…I remember him talking about some knew secret weapons project….the MLK-41, I believe.?
James interjected “Right you are, well, it seems that his daughter has reason to believe that he has been kidnapped…and…?
Mike blurted out “Kidnapped?!??
James continued on “Yes, kidnapped and this is no social kidnapping for ransom, no, no, much
More my dear fellow, this is a blackmail of the entire allied war effort and the man we are up against is our old nemesis….Alexander Johnson.?
Mike dropped his cup and gasped loudly “Not, the Razor again!?
James reassured him “Yes, and we have been called to investigate the matter further and bring her father back alive with his methods and formulas intact of course.?
Mike snapped “Oh, fine, not a moments peace with you around, I just get back and you want to go gallivanting all over the countryside again.?
James reached for Mikes shoulder, lightly applied some friendly pressure and said “Cheer up, old man, it will be an adventure, I am sure.?
Mike smiled.
Vivian Gayle sat in the little dark, bleak, and bare walled room. There was one light on in the opposite corner from where she sit. She sipped her tea and began to cry again. She cried has if she had just seen someone murdered. She cried for him, not knowing where he was. What could she do, she had no way of telling if he were alive or dead. Was she just dreaming or was this her new, horrible, and frightening reality. How long had it been since she last saw him. His bright shinning, wrinkled, breaded face. She could still smell his musty after shave and see his gray hair, tousled a top his round head as always. She could picture him sitting there with his evening paper and fumbling through a light hearted conversation that removed the pressure of his job. She missed him deeply. Could it have two, three, or four hours. Oh, well, it did not matter anyway. Panic had set in and was sure to hang around for a long time now.
Professor Fiennes van Mauhausen was forced to his feet in the now brightly lit room. He was relieved of his blind fold and now stood before one of the most feared men in all of the world. One of the vilest criminals ever known, Alex “Razor? Johnson. “Razor? was an imposing figure to anyone. He stood over six feet tall and had muscles all over his body the size of which van Mauhausen had ever the displeasure of seeing. He had beady, nearly red eyes and a cruel mouth with cigar hanging out of it. He wore a dirty wife beater and had a very hairy, unappealing chest. Van Mauhausen was forced to look away, for fear that he might pass out. Razor stared intensely and ominously at the small man, pounding his fist into his hand repeatedly.
This made Professor van Mauhausen wince every time. What was Razor going to have him do or at least try to make him do.

To Be Continued………………………

The New Adventures of James Burton by R. James Buehner

Robert  Buehner

Cleveland, United States

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