What makes a good photo? ...care to answer?

I’ve been looking around on redbubble and I’m starting to think I might have become obsessed with the site, I love to see what everyone else produces and I was blown away with a lot of the photos of different places in Australia… all of you are making me want to go there just so I can have wonderful images like yours. The amazing colors in all of your shots astound me!

The reason I am writing a blog now is because I wanted to know what other people think as to what makes a good photograph?

What are certain things that pull you in to the photo?

What attracted you in the first place…

What do you like most about black and whites? and what are somethings that you would like to see more of?

I have this aching feeling of wanting to go out and shoot something… I guess I’ve just become inspired by all of you! (This site really is wonderful!)

Any suggestions to help a fellow photographer to improve are more than welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you!

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