Ugh! I have lost my creativity, nor can I get motivated lately. I started a contest/assignment for my photo club (I’m the VP) and haven’t even entered myself. It usually comes back and I take some creative photos then never share them. I feel trapped behind my usual subjects.

Between stress at work (end of the fiscal year) and my wife is having some health issues, I just haven’t felt the photography love lately. I did get out and shoot some butterflies today they are so peaceful. My humming birds are on crack and I can’t seem to get a decent capture lately. I think they mated somewhere in the yard. There are a lot of juveniles around. They all seem to be going toward the same place in the woods as well.

Tomorrow I go to hang shots for my photo exhibition during the month of September. Maybe that will get me motivated. I’ve been wanting to do some sunset shots, we have had some pretty nasty storms rolling through and the sunset against the storm clouds has been beautiful.

I see that Angel helped get a NC group started. That looks very promising. There is already some amazing work posted.

Just getting some thoughts in print has helped a little. Thanks for listening.


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