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Melbourne, Australia

Soxy moves between different media, recycling, assembling, capturing and bringing previously unseen things to the surface. / If...


a new book!

About time I used some of my favourite older paintings in a lovely book for children don’t you think??

It took a little time to do but I love the result and I hope you will too.

New Cute Work!

Just in case any of you are paying attention…

I’ve created a new character…well a few new characters in a family …
I’m not making them all available at the moment but I thought I’d give a preview here.

Here are the girls.

There is one more angel and she is holding some flowers. Maybe there will be more as I think up new objects for them.
They will be available as cards and stickers in a variety of combinations and they actually look really smashing on pillows!
maybe they need some names…

plants and stuff

Why have I been painting plants? made up plants at that, sort of unreal… well I just wanted to get painting again, to feel a brush and paint on paper, I wanted to be a bit creative again…and I think I’m heading back into things I never did enough with long ago.…

I briefly studied botany at university, many years ago. It was a deviation from what I thought would be standard science degree (which didn’t suit me at all!)
Botany gave me a chance to be with nature and to DRAW…and that was much better than test tubes and labs.
But for various reasons I didn’t continue along that path. So maybe now I’m painting plants because I didn’t do that enough.

I’ve always loved pineapples and all bromeliads…if you know rough leafed pines then you know how prickly they are, and how delicious! My mother grew

no painting no drawing

just spent some quality time with photoshop (which I haven’t done for quite a while!)

I went into PS after having spent some time sorting old paintings and drawings and deciding how best to combine them into a book for the Arthouse Sketchbook project.

I really like the result and you can see the pages turn over here or watch a youtubey with music below

here is my favourite page

nice things

Hi there bubblers,

I’d really like to get back into hanging around here, talking nice creativity with you all and generally being inspired and refreshed (rather than becoming depressed and sad by other garbage I see on the internet)

can anyone help?

I invite you to post pics and/or links to uplifting, clever, amazing and inspiring art and photos around here…nothing nasty, violent, depressing etc (I’ll delete it you if you do post that!)

now I’m off to see what I can find

so what about those candles??

Life in Soxyland got a bit quiet for a while, what with having a proper job and all…but thankfully creativity has not completely died and I have some (rather bad) photographs to show…
what happened was that I hopped on to my somewhat neglected RB account to make a few little stickers to go on the bottom of the candles I’m (yes, actually!) selling.

I had a bit of trouble uploading the image for the stickers and when I was finally successful I forgot to make it private…and someone SAW

So here are my bad mobile phone pictures of my highly successful candles. Many of these have already sold however if you are in Melbourne and interested bmail me for details of where they can be purchased.

big belated bubbles

VC4 ....remix

Hello there bubblers….

I may have been absent here for a bit but I have recently been over at Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 4 Remix page … and also uploading my own VC4 remixes to Soundcloud.

If you don’t know what all this is about then have a look… it’s a fabulous project involving about 6000 singers from around the world contributing to one big recording… which you can find here
..then the tracks of the final master were made available to all to mess around with.

and mess around I did. you can listen to my final remix here

: )

oh yeah, you can download it if you like it!

Cosimo's Painting

Even though Sarah had settled into the coastal villa to rest and recuperate from her recent traumatic accident, she knew she must remain active and continue with the strengthening exercises given to her by the physiotherapist. She descended from her palatial residence, and, after dipping her toes into the cool, jade-coloured bay, she surveyed the area for a suitable support to facilitate her spinal workout. Once she had spotted the dead tree trunk she swiftly attached the large, and stretchy, red bands which were the equipment for her prescribed therapeutic treatment.…

She was wrapped in a large, white sheet to protect her skin from the burning sun, however, as she progressed with her exercise routine, she started to feel rather warm, and slipped the diaphanous garment from her torso. Sa

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