Skip a beat

I find myself listening to a soft tune that becomes my own. Whoever the artist is has somehow infused something in the melody that allows my ears to do a double-take. I imagine dancing on a starlit floor as my toes barely touch the surface of this dreamland moment. Closing eyes It is so beautiful here, I am taken aback by the details of the smallest creatures. The fur like texture of the flowers that surround me touch me in a way that makes me want to stay here awhile past my initial intuition. I feel as though I am floating in a place far from here but my mind is grounded. I want to own the floor until my ankles ache or my feet tire of this insatuable rhyme. I want to capture every dip my body owns it plays with the idea of being young, single, and free. I wish to prance in a way that puts thumper to shame and makes bambi skip yet another beat. I am everything I wish to be in this moment… and so much more. Don’t pinch me now, I’m not ready to go… I haven’t built the courage to leave.

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