Digital Blues

For over forty years of my photographic life I have used film (because there was nothing else). I now have a Canon Powershot G6, and I have to say it has a lot to commend it – biting sharpness and the ability to produce large prints. However I am not entirely happy with the dynamic range, which seems a little restricted when compared with film. The highlights are a bit brash, there’s little gradation of tone there. I had the opportunity to do m=some serious street photography with this camera but I was disappointed with the attenuated tonal range. The highlights were burned out.. There were some interesting shots but i despair of making them presentable. Maybe there is a moral there, don’t do any serious photography when you are testing a new camera (or film). On the other hand I have discovered that this digital camera is very forgiving of underexposure – a recent experiment taking shots of evryday scenes of no importance showed it was possible o get a decent image from an underexposed shot. So I have reasoned that I should perhaps use manual exposure on my next serious photo-shoot and underexpose by half or one full stop.
I would love to here from all of you out there who have encountered similar problems and have found a way to overcome them.

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