Nilah M.

Mesa, United States

Taking pictures now for 30 plus years have now paid off. I’m now a published photographer in an online magazine called DDW...

Never leave home without it!!!

I can’t go ANYWHERE without my camera! When I worked outdoors, I took pictures of any and everything. The day I left my camera at home, (I wasn’t feeling good that day) What is gonna happen that’s so great I would need my camera? Well….I was in Avondale, and this ONE and ONLY day the Blue Angels were practicing for an air show! Tricks, low flying, inverts, you name it they were doing it right above my head clearest shots I could have gotten AAGGGHHH!!!!! So I did the next best thing, (this burned me from the ground up) my camera phone!! I wanted to jump up and down on my phone turn it into a million little pieces!! I laugh at this story now more than I did a year ago =). So now I take it EVERYWHERE because you NEVER know when that special shot will happen!

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