I have always wanted to keep a journal, but have always been afraid of what to put in it. I had a saying as a number of my graduate school friends were getting divorced, “It’s your friends that keep you sane”. It’s the thoughts, the memories, the go forward bits and pieces of life that you hold onto, gently, and allow it to push you forward. They were there for you, prodding, wishing and sometimes begging you to move beyond the mud you were currently wallowing in.

It’s the times of living alone through transitions. The music that you play and crave and inhale. It is the times that your friends show up out of nowhere just to be there. It’s that group of crazy, zealous, haunting, and most lovable group of people that you miss so much now that you are a grownup and alone.

Yes, you have your kids and your wife or ex wife or girlfriend or neighbors, but you do not have G, Boug, Terrance, and T. They have their own memories and needs.

Gee do I miss you! I miss the near misses, The secrets. The safeness of being together and talking about anything, yes, I mean anything. I miss just the time together, sitting and doing nothing and sitting and doing nothing. Those were the times.

These are the times.

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