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Hello my friends!
I want to thank you all so much for your well wishes, and helpful hints while I was sick. That was probably the worst cold I have had in 10 years. It’s not completely gone, but today is the first day that I can sit up and not feel like I am going to fall over!
There is no possible way for me to comment on all the work that you all have uploaded since last Friday. I simply have to many people on my watch list, and there are literally more than 20 pages of just new work in my activity monitor. I will look in time, but the best way for me to catch up is to start fresh, and get there when I can. I know that you all understand, because you all have lives!!!
I would also like to thank the group hosts at Live Love Dream for featuring my latest piece You are my Heart. Much love went into that one for my little girl!!
Lastly, (this is the good part – I think) I am going to tell you a bit about my adventures over the previous weekend!! My good friend, and Roger Sampson came all the way from California to see me, his mom, and a few others on the east coast. When Roger got to my house on Saturday, it was like seeing an old friend. (This was our first meeting face to face) We mostly just hung out and talked and he got to meet my family. He even brought gifts for my little girl…. How cool is that? Sunday my hubby had started coming down with a cold, so he opted to stay home on the couch where it was comfy… So Roger, and I took Jordan up to the lake to feed the ducks. This is the lake that was created as a result of damming the Tennessee River. We had a great time, and even got one of the ducks to eat right out of my hand!! From there we ate lunch, and after Jordan was napping peacefully I took Roger to see “my creek.” We were there a few hours, and got lots of photo’s. I will be uploading pics over the next week or so of this past weekend, there are some good ones!
Monday…. Oh, what a day Monday was. It all started out with a buzz of excitement. We were going hiking in Cades Cove, TN, which is nestled nicely in the Smokey mountains. Initially we were going to see Mingo Falls, it hails to be the biggest (120 ft) of the waterfalls located in the area. Due to faulty navigation skills on more than one part, we ended up (laughing a lot) at Laurel Falls. So this is where the real adventure begins. Remember, I am still sick and having a hard time breathing because this cold has made it’s way into my chest. Ok, back to the story….. The weather was great, comfortable at about 67degress, overcast (great for long exposure shots on waterfalls!) and a little misty. The hike up the mountain was not so much fun. 1.3 miles basically up hill the whole friggin way! (I kept looking for an escalator!) After a few rests on the climb up we FINALLY made it to Laurel Falls. It was like we were both on auto mode. We started setting up shop…. Vying for the perfect spot to shoot the falls, we began our photographic portion of the journey. We met a couple people that had stolen a panda bear “yard ornament.” They were taking pictures of him there at the falls and were going to return him to the owners with a few photos. We were all having a good laugh and a little snack, when all of a sudden came a thunderous WHUMP!!!! Or was it more of a thump? Anyway, upon turning around, it became obvious that someone had the unexpected not so fun experience of falling on the slippery rocks. This man was fairly large, topping off at about 6ft (give or take a few inches, he was after all now flat on his back) and probably close to 200 pounds. After closer inspection it became painfully apparent that his ankle was broken. Immediately I started to think, and pray. I could see that people all around me were doing the same thing. One man wanted us to all ban together and carry him down the mountain, like we were super heroes! After telling him that we could risk further injury to the hurt man, plus possibly one of us…. Did I forget to mention that cell phones were useless in this situation?
So the general consensus of the group was to have the people that were hiking down at that time call for help. Sheer panic was setting in on his wife’s face. Roger and I did the only thing we knew to do to calm them, we just started talking to them. Poor things, it was their one year anniversary, and they were back in the spot where they spent their honeymoon! Unfortunately for the guy, pain was really beginning to set in; along with the realization that he was going to just have to sit and wait for help.
From the people that were there at that moment we managed to get this man water, advil, and a few tee shirts to help get his foot off of the ground (Poor Roger lost his favorite tee! What a good man!). Thinking ahead I had put two bottles of water in the freezer the night before so that we would have cold water to drink the next day. We were able to use one of those for this man’s ankle. I would say that he was there waiting for about 2 hours for the paramedics to get there. All in all, that was pretty fast considering that they had to assemble, and push a stretcher on bicycle wheels up a mountain!
So after all that hiking in the fresh mountain air, Tuesday I was soooooooooo sick! Wednesday was even worse! But now, I am going to try to catch up on everything, laundry, dishes, RB, ugh, there is so much to do, and I am going to have to take it slow and recover.
I have really missed you all very much!!!! I’ll be seeing you when I see you!

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