First Sale - So Proud

I am so proud of myself today. I finally sold my first piece of framed art work. The sale was one of my most favourite photos I’ve ever take. I’m sorry to say, it isn’t included in my RedBubble portfolio yet. I promise it will be added soon.

I worked a flea market today with my husband. We have accumulated a LOT of stuff over the years, stuff we had no use for anymore. I decided to bring my small framed photographs, along with my photo cards to sell. I didn’t sell a single photo card, but I got a lot of positive feed back. Usually, the photo cards are a popular item, but not this time (oh well). A woman came up & said she saw my wall of photos from a distance & had to get a closer look. She saw my picture of sunflowers in black in white nestled in a vase and she said she had to have it. I sold the framed 5″×7″ print for $25 with no haggling needed. She LOVED it. She is hoping I will be back again to sell more of my art. I am planning on it. Now, all I need to do is make more prints & frame them.

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