Today was boring

I didn’t do much today, I was in lots of pain as usual, I did go watch a great drumming video with my friend from Church. It gets harder and harder to even want to live since I can’t seem to get healthy again. I did sit down and write in my new book Lucky Chucky the fisherman maker. It’s going to have many tips and tricks that I have learned in my many years of fishing. I don’t know if I should just make it about fishing or if I should add some hunting, skiing, Karate and stuff just to make it more me. I do have one book on hold because I ran out of things to talk about but it’s called, Karate for life. Oh well some day I will finish it too. I have been trying to make some Christian songs the last couple of months, but it just seems to go no where as many of my project seem to do. The bad thing about music now days is the Internet has made it so people all around are popping up with different music, not like it use to be where anyone with a good sound could make a go at it. oh well I’ll just keep trying because it’s the only thing that keeps me alive right now with all the trouble and pain I am in……….

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