Showing off your Calendars - Part II

I recently added a journal entry on how to show off your calendars by embedding the individual preview images for the cover & each month here . Last Friday we released some new functionality to allow you to preview your calendar via a downloadable pdf file. This gives another way of being able to publically show your calendar, and potentially via different means.

If like before, you go into mybubble → calendars → edit calendar → buy/preview then you should now see a link below your preview image saying “You can download a reduced-quality PDF preview here”.

Here is a link to my snow calendar as a PDF, the same one as in the previous journal article. This is a file of only a few MB that can be downloaded and saved or opened up in acrobat reader. Note that this is low quality preview only, it does not have the full detail of the final printed version. The idea here is it gives you a little more detail than the standard web preview, and allows for your whole calendar to be conveniently ‘shared’ in one file.

So, you can copy that link (right click in your browser and select the appropriate option) and then do things like embed it in your journal entries, add it to emails, or put it on other websites as you would like. You could also attach the saved pdf to an email, and send it directly to an friends or family that may be interested in seeing/buying your calendar.

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