Showing off your Calendars - Part I

So you might have created a new calendar, and even ordered one, but how can you easily show someone else what your calendar look likes. You may have seen James post where he is peddling his wares, but you might have also wondered how he did it. For those with a bit of a technical bent, and know how to wield the text formatting used here, here are some pointers that will help get you going to create something like this, which is my ‘Snow’ calendar :

We are also looking at being able to provide custom pdf previews of your individual calendars that look like this one for my Snow Gum calendar which you could them email around, or just linked directly to.

- To start, this assumes you have a calendar already created, and in mybubble.

- Go to your calendar via mybubble > calendars > edit > buy/preview.

- You will see a preview of the cover page there. You need to view that image on it’s own, and copy it’s url. Different browsers have different ways of doing it, firefox it is right click view image or via ‘copy image location’, safari it is right click view in new window/tab, an IE is via properties I think. Anyway, assuming you can find that, then you can add that cover image to a journal entry, or in the description of other works.

- An example of the url is :

- This is can then be shown as an image by putting the url between exclaimation marks like this :


- From here you can reference all of your other pages by just changing the bit of the URL that says ‘page:0’, this can be ‘page:1’, ‘page:2’ etc up to ‘page:12’. A total of 13 different pages including 0 for the cover page.

- If you want to arrange these side by side you can use the vertical bars to create a table on your page. Code like :

| !http://YOUR_IMAGE_URL! | !http://YOUR_IMAGE_URL! |
| !http://YOUR_IMAGE_URL! | !http://YOUR_IMAGE_URL! |

- For a journal entry I wouldn’t recommend more than two wide.

In a nutshell, that’s about it! One thing to note is that if you edit your calendar, then you will need to update the image url, as one part of it (the last number) will change after each edit.

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