Finally, something new!

It feels good to be back in action. Actually, I have very much been in the action of producing a very challenging painting- a beach scene involving four human figures. I hope to have it completed soon, but I don’t want to rush it. In order to take a break from what has become a tedious stage of final touches, I played around to prepare for my next project and came up with a fun little cat painting in just a few hours. I was happy to just have uploaded it to RB. Fun.

What I call tedious is also fun in a way. My farm background values hard work and the rewards thereof. It is a great feeling to step back and see the harvest of several months of labor. To think about the stages, challenges and lessons learned along the way.

A gallery owner in Tybee Island, GA told me “If the painting isn’t done in an hour, it’s not art!” Fooey.

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