Bitten Pt5

Isabella went home that night. With her first love back in her heart, her life could only get better, but after she rid of her king, Israfel. The more her thoughts raced, the more she forced herself to hate him. She reached her guards and ordered them to find Israfel, shackle him and kill him.

Hours passed. Isabella paced the floor of the upper level room. She waited and wondered what possibly could take so long. Finally a guard came to her room and entered. “My queen, what you have ordered has been done.” He told her. She turned to him and gasped upon sight of him. “Do I know you guard? What is your name?” She asked. Looking directly into her eyes, the guard was lost for a moment.
“My queen, I can feel you from your glare, I feel that I do know you, and I am lost in you.” the guard said to her. “Guard, what is your name?” She asked. “Lestat” He said. “The Lestat!!!” “Yes my queen, it is I.” “But you!!!, I don’t understand, I have heard stories of you for ages, it is in the texts, and you here are a guard for me? Tell me why you would lower yourself to that level and not tell me!” “My queen, when I heard of your presence in the underworld, I had to come discretely and see for myself if what everyone spoke of was true.” He said. “Well have you seen what you came to see?” She asked him. “Indeed I have. But I feel a connection to you, perhaps a 5th dimension connection, as if I have lusted after you and loved you before many times. Your beauty is amazing and the way you look at me tells me I am not crazy, but sure of this.” He said. “But this is amazing, I do know you, here you stand, a blue eyed, angel faced vampire. But you are not to me what I have read of you Lestat. I read you are a thoughless and self centered. You are warm blooded, and flowing with passion.” Lestat moved into her and gazed into her eyes as she revealed her flesh as her offering to him. Isabella forgot at that moment of Nathan. Lestat kissed her and then bit her! He feasted just a moment and then fell back onto the floor. “It Burns!!!!!!!” He shouted! “Isabella feared she somehow hurt him and she backed away from him. Lestat sat for a moment and then raised up to

Isabella. “Dear queen, you haven’t hurt me, I am a survivor. I was as a mortal, and I will surely be as an immortal. But my desires as a mortal of being good faded long ago. You are dark and exactly what I long for. Somehow I feel that I have missed you for so long. You are my soul mate, from a past that I somehow had forgotten. Even in my years as an immortal I have always felt something was missing and now that feeling has faded with you here.”

Lestat said then to Isabella, “My strength, my will allows me to never give up. I know what you did when you were gone, and I know what your intentions were upon murdering Israfel. ” “But how did you know that Lestat?” She asked. “Darling Isabella, I crave blood, desire it just as you do. When you left here in your search of prey, I followed you, but shuttered in my own steps to see you with that other man. He is not who you thought he was, but I queen, am all you need. I bow before you now, I take your hand as I have drank of your bittersweet blood that burned my soul, and I beg of your heart once again.”

Isabella’s heart was racing and her mind tangled. Such a mess she has began. What am I to do with Nathan now? I infected him, he is one of us. And this man before me, Lestat, I know him, I believe in him, and I know that sometime we have been lovers, passionately, perfectly in harmony through mind body and soul.
Lestat knew Isabella was thinking too much and could tell she was confused. He moved into her, slammed her against the wall, pinned down her arms and began to seduce her. She fought, she struggled to break free from him as he moved between her thighs, and at a sudden moment, she weakened and trembled. Lestat carried her weak and shivering body to the bed, waved his hand and all the candles in the entire room lit. Suddenly, Isabella noticed the bed of satin and velvet was covered in red and black rose pedals, and as Lestat moved up over her and pressed his burning body against her’s, she felt the warmth of his breath overcome her. The night was neverending. Shadows cast upon the walls of the lovemaking between the two. And when the sun began to rise, Isabella’s powers disabled the sun, sinking it. She was not even close to being ready for the bliss to end. Her blood, sweat, and tears of passion only turned him on more and more. Suddenly, Lestat shed a single tear and whispered to Isabella, “I love you, I have always loved you, and I always will love you Isabella.” She drowned in his soul for days as the bedroom was left undisturbed by the others in the palace.

Once Isabella reached total exhaustion, Lestat lead her to a drawn bath and held her close. He caressed her entire body and then carried her to the bed. He lay down allowing Isabella to rest her beautiful head upon his chest. As Isabella drifted into her first slumber in many days since seeing Nathan, suddenly she awoke in a panic. She did not speak aloud, but she thought once again, what am I going to do now?
—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—TO BE CONTINUED-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-

©Tara Sheffer-Archie 2008 All rights reserved.

Bitten Pt5

Tara Johnson

Fishersville, United States

  • Artwork Comments 4

Artwork Comments

  • HenkStolk
  • Tara Johnson
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  • Tara Johnson
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