Bitten Pt3

When the sun bagan to rise, Israfel ordered his servants to close down all the shades. Isabella began to awaken. Irafel was almost in a state of amusement watching his queen. She sat up in the bed of satin black and burgandy sheets.

Shaking her head a little, she said " Israfel, I feel strange".

“My queen Isabella, you are home now, I will cater to your needs ’til you feel better.” Israfel told her.

After a moment of gazing at her, he just couldn’t resist. He reached for her, wrapped himself around her and began to kiss her passionately. Isabella was again weakened. But as things escaladed in the bedroom, Isabella felt an incredible sense of power pulse through her veins. She slammed Israfel against the tall bed post and began to ravage him. She kissed and licked him in forbidden places and she took total control causing him to reach heights of pleasure he never knew before. Israfel had no defenses against her.

After the passionate session was over, Israfel asked Isabella, “What came over you my queen? You were weak in my presence and now I can’t seem to fight you or your passion.” With a sly laugh, Isabella just walked out of the room.

Israfel ran out behind her, but she was gone. He knew something was wrong, she should not be capable of this, especially so early. Isabella roamed the palace exploring her new home. She began to throw things that she had a distaste for.

He yelled “Isabella Stop!” She turned to him with a stare to kill and shook her finger at him. She said “Israfel, this is what you wanted, you did this to me. I feel power and there is strength in my veins. Leave me be or you will regret it.”

Israfel just stood frozen in amazement. He was quite impressed with her. She was beautiful and now completely empowered. He knew at that moment that together they would be a force never known before. As the hours passed, Isabella stayed quiet. That evening the two feasted on innocent blood to strengthen them both. But when night fell, Isabella went back to the room she first awoke in. She began to go through things in drawers and her curiosity lead her to something that shocked her and put her in a state of disbelief.

In a stone box, she found a photograph that strongly resembled her great grandmother. Memories began racing through her head. Stories of her great grandmother’s disappearance. When she was 22 years old, she met a striking young man and soon after they both disappeared. Authorities never solved that case. Isabella began to wonder in her mind if this really could be. It also was similar to what had just happened to her.

When Israfel entered the room, Isabella questioned him about the photograph. He walked over and looked at it. “I have not seen that before, where did you find it?” He asked. “In the drawer of this chest. This is my great grandmother, I just know it is.” “Isabella, this is serious, I have never seen that photo before, but her face is familiar. If she is who I believe she is, this will proove your destiny.”

“What do you mean Israfel?” She asked. “Isabella, my great uncle was once what I am now. His beloved looked exactly like the woman in this photograph.” “So how will we find out Israfel?” She asked. “Follow me my queen, I will lead you to someone who will know.”

Israfel lead Isabella down the spiral staircase to a long corridor. He grabbed a torch from the wall to light the path softly enough for them to see. The corridor lead them to a chamber and a vault. He turned to Isabella and said “Bite me!” “Why now?” She asked. “Isabella, just do it now.” She did. Israfel opened the vault and there sat two statues, a man and a woman. The stone was perfectly sculpted. Israfel leaned into the male sculpture and held his blood to the mouth. The stone began to crack. Isabella watched in complete amazement. Israfel had awakened the prior King Damien.

Damien asked Israfel “Why do you awaken me from my long spent slumber?” Israfel replied, “My king, I seek information about your queen. My dear queen Isabella here believes your queen to be her long lost great grandmother.” Israfel showed him the photograph that Isabella had found. Damien looked at Isabella and reached for her hand. Once he took her hand, a volt rushed his body. “Israfel, I must tell you that your queen is indeed of my queen’s blood. She is going to be unstoppable and almighty to the underworld, more powerful than you or anything you could possibly imagine.” Israfel stood in disbelief. He thought to himself “what have I done?” Isabella remained quiet. Damien whispered to Israfel, “I will return to my chamber as I do not wish to see what will come of this. You have bitten a force, and I wish you the strength to endure all she is capable of now.”

Isabella and Israfel went back to the bedroom.

Israfel sat on the bed wondering what was going to come in the near future. Isabella stripped down and climbed on top of him. Now Israfel was weak and completely defenseless. She had her way with him for hours and the pleasure between the two of them was unbelievable, but never one word was spoken. In the heat of the moment, she screamed in pleasure and bit into Israfel’s neck. She was enjoying herself so much that she just couldn’t stop. Israfel was powerless to fight her. She did not stop feasting until he was nearly drained. She then gazed at him and her eyes flashed. Israfel knew something almighty was going to happen, but now he had to wait to see what it would be.

To Be Continued———————————————————-

┬ęTara Sheffer-Archie 2008 All rights reserved.

Bitten Pt3

Tara Johnson

Fishersville, United States

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Artwork Comments

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  • Tara Johnson
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