Finally, Welcome To Swannanoa

Hey everyone! I am happy to say that my shoot at Swannanoa is now complete. I spent an hour and a half on the grounds and captured 145 shots total. I discovered things there, that like the majority of people, I did not know existed. The history is definately obvious there and I have never seen so much marble in my entire lifetime, nor do I think I will ever again. Today was a shoot only on the exterior. I am hoping to be granted permission soon to enter the premisis and take shots on the inside as well. Everything about Swannanoa involves marble. The entire exterior is marble to include the exterior walls, columns, porch, walkways, stairs, stair rails, and on the inside are marble fireplaces, walls, floors, doorways, stairs, and stair rails. It is absolutely unbelievable. Now I fully understand why it took over 300 artisans 8 years to complete Swannanoa. It is beautiful. From the Georgian marble to the Tiffany windows, the gold, the architecture, the history, the harbor, the tower, it is all beautiful and I am happy to have had the permission and privilege to shoot what is famously known as Swannanoa.
Swannanoa is refered to as a palace, mansion, and castle. You will most likely find the most accurate information on the internet if you search it as Swannanoa Palace. Mansion will work, but really only locals have refered to it as a castle. It is definately one of a kind in this part of the country.
To all of you that have viewed, are viewing, or are going to view the images of Swannanoa, Thank You So Very Much!!!


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