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Super Holiday Specialness!!!

How would you like to get one of These t-shirts for free? Well you can, maybe.
For the entire month of December, whoever purchases any t-shirt from me will have their name entered into a drawing to have their choice of one of These t-shirts sent to them FREE OF CHARGE.
Now I do need to clarify a few things:
1) You can only have your name entered into the drawing once. (Though I of course encourage you to purchase hundreds of my t-shirts…lol).
2) To have your name entered into the drawing I will, of course, need to know the name of the person that purchased the tee. (If you are anonymous, I greatly appreciate the sale but you WILL NOT be entered.).
3) All purchases after 12:00 am, EST (US) January, 1st 2009 will not be in the drawing.
4) I will do my best to have the drawing on video so that there is no confusion or question as to the winner.

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