All About Christmas! LOL!!

1. Do you prefer making snowmen or snow angels? Snow Men…….I always get snow in my clothes when making the angels lol. (brrr)

2. Sugar cookies or gingerbread men? Gingerbread men are cute, but I love sugar cookies! : )

3. Real tree or artificial? Oh my, Artificial, yes I am a big chicken of a real one catching on fire…….dad was a firefighter. I know of too many houses getting torched because of them, but hey, they are pretty too. lol.

4. What is your favorite Christmas cd? Mariah Carey Merry Christmas!!!

5. What is the song you sing most at Christmas? All of them!! Especially the one’s Mariah did on the Christmas CD! I play it the entire holiday season!!!

6. Do you go caroling? Nope. Too cold to do it.

7. What is always a Christmas wish for you? SNOW!!! We haven’t had a white Christmas in ages!

8. Do you enjoy wrapping presents or tearing them open? BOTH!!! lol

9. When do you put your tree up? Right after Thanksgiving

10. Who do you buy the most gifts for? My three kids of course!! : )

Now, what are your top three favorite activities around Christmas time? Singing, Snowball fights (If we have snow), and making goodies!!!

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