Henk Stolk....He Never Ceases To Amaze Me!!!.......

Hey everyone!!! I got a big shock last night. I posted a new self portrait…….then Henk told me to view an image he had just uploaded. I went to view it, and here are my thoughts…….

Henk never ceases to amaze me. His talent as a person and photographer are beyond one’s expectations. He has a creative imagination and creative eye that brings so many things to life through his work. Every time he adds new work to his portfolio, I am just amazed. He is a master of lighting techniques, and he is also a master of his craft as well. I appreciate Henk and all the hard work, time, and effort he puts into his images. He is a stunning photographer and I think we are all very lucky to have him as a part of the Red Bubble family.

I have been very fortunate to work with Henk on collaborations that I am extremely pleased with. I respect him and the work he produces. When I viewed this image, it prooved to me that Henk is extremely creative and there is always a story behind what he does. Hope you all enjoy!

Here is what he has done….images complete with links directly to the artists work…..

My Newest Self Portrait

  1. My Thoughts

Henks Newest Creation

  1. 5th Dimension Collab with Tara

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