A First For Me...The Collaborations.....

Most of you are now aware of the collaborations from myself and Henk Stolk. This entry is an insight into what we have done……And none the less, my sincere appreciation for being able to work with my dear friend Henk. He is an amazing perosn and talent.

The first two images are the origonals….although, the third used, one of my images is not part of RedBubble that has been used in his and mine. I never posted it.
Here it is….



And the Edits for the Collaborations……..

My two…

  1. King & Queen Of The Underworld

  1. Night Stalkers

Henk’s two…

  1. Rulers of the Underworld

  1. Peek in the mirror

Henk, thanks so much for pulling the all nighter with me, and dealing with my moods throughout the frustration of my exhaustion!!! You are the best!!! *: )

View more of Henk’s amazing work at

  1. Henk Stolk

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