Need To Raise Money For A PC Upgrade

I really enjoy doing fractal art. I really do.

But it’s extremely time consuming. It doesn’t agree with my current PC the way it used to. I used to be able to render decent sized fractal in a few hours. Now, it takes almost a week, depending on the size.

Ones rendered at the tiny, phone case size? At minimum they take a full day.

Programs like Photoshop are sluggish – not to mention I’m unable to use some of the features it offers [3D tools in particular.], it makes it difficult to do any post work.

Trying to render anything in Cinema 4D, with any semblance of realism, is a nightmare – the perspective window lags when too much is on screen, and the rendering engine is slower than molasses on this 8 year old, single core CPU.

So, I need to upgrade my system. A friend of mine recently linked me to a few upgrades that are fairly affordable, via Newegg – I just need to come up with the money to actually purchase them.

If I could sell a few t-shirts/cases, I could have it in no time – but it’s difficult.

So, that’s a bit of what this entry is about. Trying to sell not only the products I have here, but also my own graphic design services. My PC may be slow, but it still works at least.

You can see the services I offer here.

Please, if you can, take some time out to browse my shop and see if there’s anything you like! If you’re in need of some design work that I offer, drop me a line!

- Fox/James D. Headrick

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