Shortlisting for Unleashed 07

It’s taken me a while (sorry – I’ve been to busy shooting pics and post processing not to mention raising a two year old boy and working a boring day job) but anyway, what a surprise to get shortlisted for Unleashed 07 – THANK YOU!!! to all who voted for my Polar Bear picture. It is my most popular and easily my luckiest ever shot.

Getting shots of polar bears at Sea World is near impossilbe without getting silhouettes of other people pressed up against the glass trying to get pictures as well. With this one, another bear was on the other side of the enclosure keeping the tourists happy. I started to walk out in frustration as I was unable to get a clear shot. As I was walking out the one in the photo eyeballed me from the top of the rocks and it just dived in directly at me. By a stroke of luck I still had my camera switched on and all set up for a low light shot and even luckier was the fact that my autofocus locked onto its head. Just one of those shots where everything came together perfectly. I think 80% credit should go to the bear though : )

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