How important is tagging your work?

Well, how important is it for your work to be noticed??

This question came across my screen at some point in time and I kind of brushed it off. Eh, I tag, so what, I dont care if others don’t…..

But this was before I became host to two groups (well host to one and co-host to another). In these groups I run challenges based on themes, and with each challenge I like to have a cover image based on the theme. How do I come across these images?? More often than not, I put the theme into the search bar and voila! Anyone that tagged their photo with “white” or “shadow” or “studio” or “thirds”, etc. pops up for my viewing and I get to choose from any of these images to represent my themed challenge.

In Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge we have 424 people. So that means that your photo could be sent to 424 people that do not have you on their watchlist. Even better yet, Photography 101 has 1298 members!!!!! Think of the exposure you will get from being the cover image from one of these challenges??!!

To add to that, in Photography 101, we play several games which require members to search in RB for a specific image. If I say I want a rubber ducky, then another member will search for rubber ducky and get a plethora of images. And yours would be there if you tagged it!

I’m writing this really for selfish reasons. When I start a challenge, I like to find THE perfect image to represent it, and sometimes there just arent enough images tagged for me to find one. So folks, TAG YOUR PHOTOS! It helps me, and all the members of 101 that are playing all the games have a little fun looking through all the art work!

Oh and as an aside, feel free to join either of these groups! We’d love to have you!!!

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