Follow Up Doc Appointment for Meningitis

I had a follow up doctor appointment Tuesday marking three weeks since I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with meningitis. I havent had any tingly feelings in my hands, face, head, or feet for 10 days now, and no migraine headaches for about 5 days, so my doc gave me the go ahead to go back to normal activities (ie driving, taking care of my kids with out a babysitter for myself, etc). I did tell her I was having a normal headache and felt kinda congested and she looked in my nose, ears and throat and noticed I have a sinus infection. Aha, that explains that then! So she put me on zithromax.

I’ve been warned that I can still have effects of the Meningitis for up to 6 months! Ugh!!!! But I am feeling much better now. I get sporadic brief pangs of migraine-like headaches that only last a few minutes now and again. The best way to describe it is as if someone just stabbed me through the head with an ice pick (lovely image, huh?). Although they are agonizing, its managable as I know they will go away quite quickly. Light is still an issue, but not as bad as before, and to be honest, I’ve always had issues with bright days. Its not uncommon to see me walking around inside somewhere with sun glasses on.

So I’m thinking I’m well enough to call myself “normal” again (as normal as I ever have been, that is!). I thank you all for your prayers, love and concerns during this bit of tumultous health for me! It means more than you know!!

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