In hospital with Meningitis

If you have noticed I am MIA its because I got admitted to the hospital yesterday with the worst migraine in the world. Turns out I have meningitis. We will find out tomorrow if its viral or bacterial (hoping its viral bc thats less dangerous). They are doing all sorts of tests to find out what is causing it, blood cultures, MRI, CT, etc, so they can figure out what to treat. In the meantime, I am on three potent antibiotics and a huge wondreful shot of morphine every four hours. The morphine knocks me out for at least two hours and it takes the edge off the headache but its still there and very very painful. No word on how long I will be stuck in here, but they keep telling me if I’m going to need such a strong pain med that something is seriously wrong and they need to figure that out. At the very least, I could go home tomorrw, but probably not.

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