Today's Favorite-Frustration

Many of you may know that I am now the host of two groups: “Photogrpahy 101”: and Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge. Both new gigs were more of a “I’ll help you out” kind of thing and then the groups were dropped in my lap to do with what I please. I figured I could handle taking them on and have been working my little (or not so little) butt off trying to re-arrange these neglected groups.

Photography 101 is actually coming along nicely. I’m please with it. I really hope it becomes a wealth of knowledge for those beginners joining the group and a place to share tips and tricks for the pros among us.

Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge, on the other hand, has proven to be a little more tumultuous! I feel that the members are not understanding my changes or even the groups basis in the slightest. Its a group based on challenges, right? So why would you post a photo to the group that has nothing to do with the current challenge? Sigh….It will take a little time, but I believe I will get this group on an even keel as well.

I look forward to running both nice and smoothly. They’ve become my babies of sorts. I’m nurturing them back into health!

At any rate, I’m frustrated with some aspects of the BWC group and members having issues with some of my changes. So that reflects in my favorite of the day!

Angry by Cheri Eachin":

In all actuality, I may be a bitch and will bite your head off, but in these two groups I have been the utmost patient person in the world and am trying my hardest to NOT be like this! Be patient with me as well! :-)

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