Band Photo Shoot

I just finished with the fake band shoot. That was a lot of fun to work with those kids and get them all dressed up and take their pictures. They were all awesome!! Oh and they changed their name to RedDye40. Funny kids!

All the photos plus some others of musicians and musical instruments can be viewed here

But here are a few that are my faves:


Girlish Figures

RedDye40 on the Strip

I plan on using these photos and mocking up some promo type stuff. I’m hoping these pics can get me some business with local bands. Even if it doesnt, it was totally fun and I got a lot of good experience out of it. Plus, all these kids (or at least the ones that are not Seniors at the moment) are like, “I am totally using you for my senior pictures!!!” So I got business out of it anyway!

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