Today's Favorite--About Friendship

I recently had a major falling out with a friend, and with her being extremely childish about the situation, the friendship has now ended. Last night, I talked about this with my 5 year old daughter, and her first response was, “You should talk to God, mommy!” What profound words from a 5 year old!!!!! She was right. I prayed to God to no longer feel angry towards this ex-friend and for God to help me feel accepting of the situation’s turn-out. I also asked Him to help this ex-friend of mine to grow up and see the error of her ways. I fear that as she goes on in life, she’s going to end up losing ALOT of very important people along the way.

Thus, my theme for today’s favorite showcase is friendship! So I turn to my friend Julie to show us unconditional love through this series of Bonnie and Clyde!

Soulmates by Macabrecat

Bonnie & Clyde by Macabrecat

(More work by Julie)

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