Business, Business...(need opinions)

Now that I have a pretty good portfolio going for myself its time to solidify my prices and get myself out there. One of my major objectives while doing this is to be more affordable to the every day people than the other people in my area for the mere fact that I could not afford them to take pictures of my memories so I wanted to appeal to those like me.

In doing this, I did research on a few of the photographers in my area then started off with a lower session fee and processing fee. Where most of them have sitting fees of $65-$100, I set myself at $40 (for two hours at the location of their chose, plus additional travel fee outside of 20 miles and each hour more is also at their cost). My processing fee includes editing of up to 7 photos for $25 (each additional photo is $10).

Next I worked on an a la carte price list of prints. I took my print cost and other photographers profit and then set myself again lower than most photographers. That means I get less of a profit, but hopefully more business because I am affordable to regular people. Here’s my a la carte list:
4×6 Proof~$2 ea
8 Wallets Cut~ $12
56 Wallet Special~$70 (10 FREE)

After THAT, I made (High School ) Senior picture packages. I put my 3 packages together, added up the cost of printing, then added the cost with profit, then lowered the price slightly so as to show a savings in ordering it through a package. Here are those:
**High School Senior Packages:
(All packages include session and processing fees as indicated above. Addition prints available at print costs above.)

Scholar Package: $600 (savings of $250)
1 11×14
4 8×10
10 5×7
15 3×5
520 Wallets
Disc of low res proofs for online display

Varsity Package: $450 (savings of $200)
1 11×14
2 8×10
8 5×7
8 3×5
400 Wallets
Disc of low res proofs for online display

JV Package: $300 (savings of $150)
1 8×10
4 5×7
8 3×5
280 Wallets
Disc of low res proofs for online display

Again, I tried to make myself more affordable than others but still be able to make a profit. With each of these packages, I do make over $100 for each shoot (more for the more expensive ones). The reason I did that was because I remembered buying Senior pictures and having to limit myself significantly because I just couldnt afford it. And we also talked with a few parents of seniors this year and asked how much they got and how much they paid and noticed that families that bought the bare minimum ended up spending upwards of $350-400. I felt bad….

So now, I’m working on wedding packages…..

My whole reason for writing this whole thing is I’m freaking overwhelmed! I needed to lay it all out and remind myself why I did it this way. Plus I wanted to hear your opinions. As photographers yourselves, what do you think of my prices? As parents or individuals wanting portraits, what do you think?

Sigh….I’m going to go work on wedding packages now…..

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