Athens, United States

I’ve been a single Mom for so long, I don’t count the years any longer. My time is my own. / I love to cook, grow my own...

My World Of Freedom

Today I am free to open my mind to the things that are brought to me through different mediums thougout my world. I see with my hands, I feel with my eyes, and taste with my nose. My mouth listens to the world around me, my ears are filled with the smell of blooms of the promise of spring and the smell of rain.

My space expands and then gets smaller as I breathe.

The sounds of nature surround me, they press against me, they hang on my shoulders like lead weights of wonder and enlightenment.

The soul is washed, the mind is free and the body is ready to explore new worlds that only I can control.

I control my world, or, could it be my would controls me

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