Notes to myself re: challenge ideas

Exotic at home: something in your own home that stands out as, well, exotic.

Ordinary to extraordinary: taking an okay but average image and making it something special: show before and after.

Words and images: where pictures combine with the written word, of course, but not greeting card style.

Human immersed in nature.

Tiny detail: a tiny detail of something that is a work of art on its own.


City parks: city and nature in together.

Special effect: only work that has been processed to look less photographic.

Most surpising: the picture that most surprised you with how wonderful it turned out to be.

Animal interaction: with another subject or with the photographer.

That end of the day feeling.

Dangerous creatures.

Interpret spiritual visually.

Profane and full of life and meaning.

Opposites are complimentary: showing how supposed opposites can live together in harmony and create strength through their reconciliation.

Fighting spirit: never say die!

Where you draw your strength from.

Time – more contemplative, like the nature of time, the question of whether or not it even exists, timelines…

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