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Mixed up week

I’ve had an interesting week so far.
It started out somewhat badly. A group I host, called the Collector’s Corner, disappeared from redbubble. Or so I thought. I bubblemailed my cohost to ask if they knew what had happened, assuming redbubble had closed us because we didn’t have enough happening.
When they didn’t reply, I started a discussion, and discovered that ANOTHER collecting group happened to come up when you put in the URL of my old group, and guess what. It was hosted by my old cohost and his girlfriend, neither of which have replied to my bubblemails.
I’m a bit angry about this, because I’ve kept going for that group. I stayed when in reality I wanted another group. I got kicked out by a controlling host and believed that my co-host an I had a shared understanding of how hosting should work after the bad experience with the controlling host. I came back after she left and did my best to keep our heads above water, because it was a slow old group. Now redbubble seems to think the matter is resolved because they found the other group, which just makes me sad.

However! Good things happen too. It’s spring at the moment, which is my favourite time of year. I love the flowers and the bright, new greens that are unique to spring. Soon the blossom on the apple and hawthorn trees will come out, which is just beautiful. And today I was cycling and saw a mother deer with two tiny fawns in the field, which was just lovely to see.

I have a piano exam on Friday, so my week has potential to crash and burn or pick up again. Let’s hope for the latter!

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