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Why I love Redbubble

I know there have been about a million journals like this one, but something happened today that made me have to add mine to the ranks…

Donald Cameron dedicated his image Dyin’ Alone to me because I told him about a challenge in a group of mine he should enter it in, and he won.

I love redbubble because of things and people like this. People appreciate you and your artwork regardless of age and talent and how far away you live. There are very few of the complexities that the outside society has of ‘if you’re this age and you like this kind of stuff you’re not good enough’ or ‘sorry, your art isn’t quite right’. People appreciate you for the effort you put into things and how you act towards other people.

It’s also a way someone like me (an amateur, if that) can get into the world of artists a million times more experienced and more talented than I am, and be given advice and see their work.

I get given responsibility as a group host, and no one questions me or asks me odd questions about my past, they just accept that if I’m doing a good job with the rest of redbubble and seem a polite person, I’m perfectly qualified for the job. Artists much more qualified in that area than I thank me for feedback and compliments and entrust me with judging whether their art is right for my groups.

I’ve been featured loads of times, despite the presence of more experienced artists than me, and it really makes me feel good to see my work being featured, or favourited, or even just getting a nice comment.

Although I haven’t met up with anyone on redbubble other than my friends, I feel I’ve met some new people and characters that I’m really glad I have, and that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Here I’d like to mention two people; jan landers and LordDannyl both of whom I would not know without redbubble, and both of whom I think are brilliant people who can always make me smile.

So why do you love redbubble? Have you met anyone you feel really privileged to know now? if so, tell them so!

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