Frederick Tizzleworth

Out walking I came across a stone,
It was in my shoe,
Who am I? The stone made me think,
Well I’m Frederick Tizzleworth.
Tossing the stone into the sea, walking more comfortably
Now free of this load,
I took rest on a bench,
for a while I gazed at the seagulls
Eating cold wet chips on the ground.
They made me think what am I?
Well I’m Frederick Tizzleworth, a man of great talent!
That shall amaze the world…maybe…one day!
I preceded my journey in this lowly fashion
My head hanging low, until a thought popped into my head
That made me grin,
It was the thought that I shall find my destiny in the shallow waters of time,
So I made my way down to the sea waters crispy little edge, I began to take off my expensive black leather shoes and matching trim socks, smart silky trousers rolled up to my knees, feet sinking into the cold wet sand, The tide came swishing in like a cold blanket of freshness
OUCH! Yelped I
A stone washed up in the tide had struck my toe, Damn rotten sea always cruel to me.
Looking down at my poor toe, Gasping! In amazement at the sight of the same stone that had burdened me earlier, I retrieved this monstrous rock with a helping of sand, putting on my socks and shoes, soggy and tight with bits of grit, I smiled at the chances with the stone in hand I walked on.

Arriving at my destination that held the key to my life’s impenetrable lock,
AH! Le Grande Theatre, I will be a famous stage actor on the French shores…for sure!
“Bonjour Frederick”
“Oh bonjour! Comment avez-vous?”
“Très bien”
A very warm welcome from a very warm gentleman who shook my hand,
“me suivre!”
that’s follow me to you and I, lots of stairs followed by lots of angst for my dreams are held within this fortress.
Hearing the sounds of recitals in all the rooms, people brushing past wearing and carrying beautiful costumes and gorgeous make-up, my angst turning in to excitement the feelings and emotions becoming all to overwhelming to a stage of almost regurgitating .I manage to hold back this urge to vomit, breathing deeply
“ici boire ceci” my guide said passing me an ice cold glass of water, “juste par cette porte!”
he added pointing to a large wooden door, which to me seemed very blurry, taking a few moments to regain my composure, wiping the intense feeling dripping from brow, one last deep breath as I enter the room, the smell of musty velvet filling my nostrils immediately
“Bonjour” I mumble
“Oh hello Mr.Tizzleworth, Its O.K you can speak English, I hale from London”
“Nice to meet you Mr.Hampstead” I said starting to feel a little more at ease. I took a seat in a cherry red leather chair that he offered me “ I will be back shortly” he apologized as he left the room, How could you do that to someone I thought while he was absent, could he not see how nervous I was and yet he continued my suspense and nerves, out came my blue handkerchief once more to mop my now fritting brow, sipping the cold water in my shaky hand, which miraculously stopped as the man returned with an astonishingly beautiful lady,
“sorry about that Mr.Tizzleworth” he apologized again
“This is Isabelle, she might be playing Clara in the play”
“Oh, nice to meet you”
I suddenly came to some sort of realization that everything was going to be alright. I took her hand so soft and gentle, almost so soft that I did not wish my whiskery stubble to make contact with her flesh as I pecked her hand oh the taste so sweet! “Nice to meet you too” she replied in a rusty English/French accent.
“Well lets say we get the show on the road” Mr.Hampstead said opening another door inside the room, which led to a small cramped room full of props and such,
So it began, both of us seeming slightly nervous to begin with as we put on different costumes, but eventually we connected in a way like no other me catching her when she made a slip and her me, our eyes locking in making this an audition of a lifetime, it almost felt like a dream the way we played our parts it was truly remarkable, her delicious talent reflecting mine as to intertwine as one star.
We were in this almost un-breakable swing of converse for over an hour until finally, Mr.Hampstead broke the party of two to make it three with his echoing rapturous applause that caught us both off guard bringing us out of the trance.
This must be the greatest moment in my life I thought to myself, even if I did not get the role as Lady Clara’s secret lover, I know in my heart I had enjoyed the last hour as if it were my finest.
“I would be crazy not to cast you pair”
these words came from Mr. Hampstead’s mouth almost bursting my heart, Isabelle and I both gleamed at each other, as I handed her coat to her,
“I will see you both next Friday for recitals”
he added as he opened the door,
“Thank you so much, I will not let you down” I said like a teenager full of enthusiasm, almost skipping down the corridor we left the theatre in a childish fashion.
The air out side had never felt so fresh and clear as I watched Isabelle climb aboard a bus, waving her hand goodbye But ,
As it got further away my eyes began to blur,
What was happening I thought
“1…2…3!” ringing in my head
who said that
“again 1…2…3!”
what’s going on am I going mad! I can hear it so clearly, looking left and looking right
I began to float
“We’ve lost him”
what the…
It all came flooding back to me as I floated so high feeling released, I saw myself bending to retrieve a stone from my shoe, then suddenly being hurled in the air by a fast moving vehicle, like a chariot of God
Which had set me free.

The End

Frederick Tizzleworth

Ryan Harris

Worcester, United Kingdom

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