The Journey Pt.2

It has been a rough two years for me. I was shut down from the school that I have been planning to go to since I was a little girl. All because of money. It hurt my family bad and seeing them hurt made me more upset. I went home crying when they told me to come to the bursars office saying that I had 3500 dollars to pay before I could even step foot in the college. I was numb for a whole week after that. The pain sort of went dull and then came back when I had to work in the café at school. All of the friends were back together and I was standing behind the counter being my generous self and giving away coffee. I am not treated any differently even though I voice my opinion about people using me. I still fill dumb working there asking for help from the students, but they do nothing. They ask for coffee and walk away. I have no money. I am just trying to sell artwork that makes no money and no one sees or has time for. Thank you society for making everyone want to buy things from people who have makeup tutorials and money to buy expensive apartments and take horrid images of coffe with leg warmers and knee high socks. Where is the originality of life and the purpose of it?

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