The Journey

Hello I am an artist living in Sarasota, Florida. I am 19 and planned on making a living on art. I paint traditionally and I am a photographer. I specialize in wedding and portraiture. The reason I say planes because being an artist is a lot of hard work and working as a barista and a sandwich maker will not get the college expenses paid for. A little bit more about me:
I went to a magnet art school which had a separate curriculum for students that were in the art program, not just visual art, but theatre, dance, music and TV. I really didn’t care about school until I entered the program in my junior year of high school. I chose to get into a totally different atmosphere in school than the average troublemakers. I got into AP classes and honors, but by then it was too late. I did as many scholarships as I could to get into school, but my gpa was too low. I ended up with a 2.9 for the four years, I didn’t get any major scholarships, but a 600$ that went as fast as it came. I had no money for school. I got accepted into Ringling College of art and design two times and they helped me but not enough. This year will be my second year out of school and I don’t plan on making it a third. So whoever reads this post please tell your friends all of their help with help me finally get into a school that I don’t have to pay for and put extra strain on my parents. There are a lot more struggles that I have faced with, art is my ventilation system. Thanks for all of you all support.
Thank you – J


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