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THE MEGATROPOLIS (warm hues) Metal Print


  • Available in high gloss or satin
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Cleanable surface
  • Lightweight aluminium is literally infused with the chosen artwork


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Designed by SlideRulesYou
When I was very small, I couldn’t sleep. There was a book I loved called “Ant and Bee Go Shopping” which was full of detailed illustrations of huge, futuristic cityscapes (or at least they seemed huge to me) full of Lovecraft/Escher-style wonky perspectives, roads that looked like roller coasters and tiny, subtle jokes woven into their fabric. I would put the light back on and lose myself in those pictures for hours, making my own stories inside them. I aimed to draw something that could do that for everyone. This is for other children (or anyone else) who can’t sleep.

THE MEGATROPOLIS (warm hues) Metal Print

Designed by SlideRulesYou