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Update on the Mini PEN

I have to say that I’m continued to be impressed by the Mini PEN.

I have been putting it through the hoops, including a very dark restuarant and shooting from a vehicle travelling at 100km/h. In both situations it’s produced good results in terms of sharpness and colours and temperature.

In Lightroom 4 the results are able to be cleaned up even more to produce very good images. My only gripe is with LR, not the camera or lens and that is the fact that LR doesn’t seem to auto-detect the lens so that I can’t use auto-detect lens correction and other features I’m used to with Canon SLR lenses.

I looked on the menu and it doesn’t list Panasonic as a brand, either, so maybe LR doesn’t have the code for micro four thirds lenses. If this is the case, I think Adobe should seriously think about incorporating this family of lenses into LR code, as it’s definitely a type of camera that is gaining market share and I think deserves to be considered much like an SLR for workflow purposes.

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