Unconditional Love

Walking in the meadow,
with the roof of stars,
was when I found my true love for you.

You realized it too because
We married soon after.
It was beautiful and revealing.

You tell me you will love me
forever and ever.
I am very prepared for eternity,
If it is with you, My Love.

One does not know where
Time goes.

We now have three children,
the youngest is ten.

Eternity really isn’t long after all.
Those around us, they divorce,
But I still love you,
As you love me… unconditionally.

Our children now have children
Of their own.
They are married and gone…

I still remember the day
In the meadow.
the day I fell in absolute love with you.

Your face is wrinkled and weary now,
But mine is too.
Though we are old,
I still love you
Because we grew old together,
As one,
As we will be, forever.

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